Your First Trip With Your Spouse After the Wedding

After you get married, there’s often an itch to go somewhere with your new spouse. Sometimes this is in tune with the idea of a honeymoon, and other times people don’t want to be hedged in by that cultural context, and just choose to think about it as a vacation or journey instead.

On this first trip, you can focus on activities, you can use it to show off your appearances, enjoy your intimate moments together (human pheromones can do wonders during sex!), choose the tried and true post-wedding destinations, or you could go for something truly unusual. It depends on the personalities and budgets of you and your partner.

Focus On Activities

For married couples who are physically active, you might choose to go on a trip somewhere that you can do things. Take your first trip out to a ski resort. Go to a beach and participate in watersports. Go somewhere exotic where you can take a long hike, or climb up a mountain. These kinds of powerful bonding experiences can create a lifetime worth of memories, so it’s worth considering that maybe you want to be more active on your first trip as opposed to trying to do something where you’re going to relax.

Show Off Your Appearances

A lot of times people spend a lot of energy creating an appearance before their wedding. They go on wedding diets. They go to the gym and work out. They make their skin look good. They buy gorgeous, vintage jewelry. Weddings are all about image to a degree, so maybe you want to go somewhere on your vacation where you can show that off. Attending some sort of fancy event where you can wear tuxedos and expensive watches and necklaces and rings – that kind of trip may appeal to you.

Choose the Tried and True

There are classic honeymoon destinations. If you want to do the tried-and-true thing without having stress too much about details you may find to be unexpected, and there’s nothing wrong with being standard and traditional. Honeymoon destinations are occasionally passed down through generations as well too, so you may very well end up going somewhere that your parents went.

Take On the Unusual

But then, if you want to do something different with your spouse, you could go on and exotic journey to somewhere unusual. Travel to a country you’ve never visited. Make friends on the internet and go couchsurfing somewhere that you’ve never considered going before. As long as both of you are on board, you can do something adventurous and feel safe within the confines of your relationship to experience something that you might otherwise ever have thought about doing.

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