When I set up this website, I wanted to document my life and share my knowledge on sailing, technology, adventure sports, and fashion. Having lived in many places all across the world and travelled extensively since, I now have friends from all continents. Consequently, this website is also a point of contact for those who already know me as well as other like-minded individuals.

If you have information you would like to share or indeed if you have a question relating to the content of this website, you can contact me by filling in the form below or dropping me a line at phil@sailtheworld.info.

I love socialising, online or off, and would be delighted to hear from you.

Reasons for Contacting Us

Susan and I can offer you assistance with a variety of issues, and you may well be in a position to offer us and our many thousand readers your expertise. Let me start by listing some of the reasons people from across the globe have been contacting us:

  • Sailing: People have contacted us to offer or seek sailing crew and skipper services. I have been asked to join crews and been contacted by people looking to sail with others. Either way, you can get in touch and I will gladly put you in touch with the right people or join your crew. You may also contact me if you run sailing courses, are promoting a sailing event, or indeed if your business provides sailing products or services. I will do everything I can to help out.
  • Travelling: You may also provide or seek travel tips. I am particularly interested in unusual, lesser known destinations. If you are planning a trip to a hard-to-research destination, do get in touch, I will be able to provide you with the information you require.
  • Technology: I can review any gadget or software product on this website, and your product will be promoted to my many thousand followers in the process. You may also contact me with tech questions or purchase advice requests.
  • Modelling: You’ve also come to the right place if you are looking for a stunning fashion model. Susan is gorgeous and experienced and will be glad to discuss a possible collaboration. I may even throw in my own modelling services!
  • Men’s Fashion and Beauty: I make no bones about my passion for fashion and proudly admit that I like to look after my body. Do get in touch with related questions or tips.
  • Media: Media companies wishing to feature us in a programme or document our lives in print or online may also get in touch. Susan’s media experience is extensive, and I would also be able to offer interesting content. We also offer sponsored guest posting so do not be afraid to contact us about our guidelines.
  • Random: Do not hesitate to contact us in relation to other matters. Whatever your query, we will do our best to be of assistance.

How to Get in Touch

To get in touch, simply fill in the contact form below or email us at phil@sailtheworld.info. Provide as much information as you can, so that we can deal with your query adequately.

We respond within a couple of days and look forward to collaborating and communicating with you, regardless of the subject.