I didn’t just want to have a website and blog like thousands of others. Instead, my aim was to build a kickass website for sailing and travel enthusiasts, fashion providers and fans, technology geeks, and thrill-seekers. While we started off by documenting our daily lives, Susan and I soon wanted to publish content penned by interesting people from all around the world as guest posts.

Initially, I simply asked many of my friends across the globe to contribute. As a result, this website and blog saw the publication of culturally diverse and highly engaging posts. Reader feedback and online comments quickly indicated that there was a real hunger for more guest posts. We gladly obliged and have since published guest posts from lots of different people.

The content has been equally diverse and today, this is one of the most colourful blogs you will find online. Most of our contributors weren’t particularly experienced but they all had a good story to tell or important information to share.

Because of this success, we are continually seeking submissions of guest posts, and I would like to extend a publication offer to you. You may fill in the form below and tell us about yourself and the topic you would like to write about. Alternatively, if you are super-proficient, you may forward a guest post as an attachment by using the form below.

The Topics

There are a number of topics we prioritise on this website, however, do suggest a topic you are passionate about. When people write about stuff they love, their posts are always ultra-engaging. Take a look at the topics below. You’ll soon discover that each of them provides you with a nigh limitless scope for exploration:

  • Cool Gadgets
  • Fishing
  • Food and Drink
  • Health and Medicine
  • Lifestyle
  • Money Making Ideas
  • Photography
  • Relationships
  • Travel
  • Wild Nature

As you can see, you can write about lots of different stuff, and we are confident that you will produce a top-quality post. For those less experienced, I am listing a couple of sample titles for inspirational purposes:

  • Must-Have Travel Gadgets
  • Best Places for Wildlife Observation
  • Making Long-Distance Relationships Work

Make it Entertaining and Educational

Seasoned bloggers will know the importance of writing thought-provoking content. The content needs to entertain or inform, or perhaps do both. If you’ve never written a blog post in your life, do not hesitate to give writing a try. The fact that you are reading this page right now is an indication of your passion for writing, and I would urge you to follow your heart.

Everyone is capable of writing an interesting post, particularly on subjects they are passionate about. Don’t sweat the small stuff, our editors will perfect your post and show you the ropes. This is a top publishing opportunity for novices who may struggle to get published elsewhere.

The key to successful blogging is to write interesting, engaging, informative, and entertaining posts. The reader’s needs must be at the forefront of your thoughts, however, if you write something funny or an engaging story, the reader will also be delighted.

Blogging is also an educational endeavour, keeping in mind that thousands of people seek to be educated by reading well-written blog posts.

As long as you strive to provide fascinating content geared toward informing and entertaining the reader, you are on a straight road to successful and rewarding publication.

Guest Blogging – A Recipe for Success

Undoubtedly, guest blogging is the best way to make a name as a writer. When you publish a guest post on websites with a strong following, you get immediate access to thousands of potential followers. The readers don’t really care whether you are an expert or a novice as long as your post is compelling.

When your post is published here, thousands of people will read it, and many are likely to check out your own website and blog. We will publish your bio alongside your post to encourage our readers to check out your work. Experienced bloggers are welcome to insert links or even mention their blog in the guest post.

Blogging is not a lonely endeavour. Instead, bloggers worldwide support each other by opening up reader groups and promoting each other’s work. When you get published here, 17’000 unique monthly readers can potentially become your subscribers and help to strengthen your blog and greatly increase your writer profile as well as your visibility.

What to Do Next

If you would like to avail of this great publishing opportunity, simply fill in the contact form below. Once I receive your submission, our collaboration begins. We discuss topics and help you to prepare a top quality post. Expert posts are published within days, and we can talk about possible blogging partnerships.

I look forward to reading your submission, getting to know you a little, and jointly producing great content.