I have a pretty great lifestyle. Sidney has just about everything I could ask for. I travel all over the world and live with my gorgeous girlfriend, Susan.

She is a model, and together, we make quite a beautiful couple. I am what you might call a good-looking, wealthy guy, who is into sports, sailing, technology, travel, and fashion. That’s not to s

ay that I don’t have a heart or a brain, and I do appreciate how privileged I am.






My Childhood

I don’t think we lived in any one place for more than a couple of years. My father’s job brought us to the U.S., Europe, Asia, and South America, and apart from learning multiple languages, I was immersed in many different cultures. It’s hard to say where home is. At this point, home is where the people I love are which is somewhat of a cliché, is, however, true in my case. Home is where the heart is! Perhaps that is why I still have no desire to commit to one particular part of the

world and call it home. My intention is to keep travelling, preferably for the rest of my life.

My upbringing isn’t comparable to others and consequently, I reckon my life will always be an adventure rather than a career or family story.

My Life Now

I now spend my days looking after this website, blogging, sailing, travelling, and pursuing all my other passions. Susan, my love, is equally adventurous. We are a perfect match. Not only is she very beautiful, but she also likes to travel and does so extensively. Her modelling career brings her all across the globe. While our base is in Sydney, we regularly

meet up in an array of different places around the world. Either I fly out to her photo shoot location, or she joins me at one of my sailing destinations.

Sailing takes up most of my time now. I join various crews around the world or act as the captain on some trips. Every sailing trip brings its own challenges, regardless of the location. Weather conditions, equipment, crew, and location vary each time, making each adventure uniquely fascinating and challenging.

My Dream

All my sailing endeavors are geared toward fulfilling my dream of sailing around the world on my own. It will take time to build skills and confidence, however, undoubtedly, a couple of years from now, I will be ready to take on this incredible challenge. While the sailing trips I take now are comparatively short, I still get to sail with the best and improve on all my skills. A competent solo-sailor possesses countless skills as well as incredible tenacity, passion, and determination.

While I may not be pursuing a conventional career, I take sailing extremely seriously and have never known myself to be equally as ambitious about anything as I am about sailing.

My Bucket List

My bucket list is packed with adventure sports activities beyond sailing and includes just about everything from parachute jumping, extreme skiing, climbing, wild water river rafting all the way through to spending a month in a survival camp. In any case, my bucket list is a list of travel and sports adventures, perhaps I am just an adrenalin junkie!

My Passions

Gadgets, beauty and fashion round off my passions. Admittedly, guys who look after their appearance are often derided, however, it’s important to me to look after my body. Obviously, I am proud of my six pack, my hair and overall style. Susan has taught me that looking good requires work and dedication, as a result of which I spend more time in the bathroom than she does! Lots of people tease me about my vanity but I don’t really care, I know they understand and are just having a bit of fun.

My love of gadgets emerged during my childhood when I had to entertain myself on long journeys and at airports across the world. I like to keep an eye on all the latest technology developments, and regularly review gadgets on this website.

I also love books, movies, and music, particularly culturally diverse types. I would have no problem listening to music from Africa or watch a weird and wonderful movie from India. The more culturally diverse, the better.

This Website

This website is dedicated to all my passions. Here, you will find information on sailing, technology, travel and fashion. Anyone with an interest in these topics will find lots of interesting information and useful tips.