Describing the joys of sailing is difficult. I can’t think of a more thoroughly enjoyable pastime, or one that transports you away from your daily trials and tribulations as much as sailing. When you are out on the ocean, the interplay between the crew, the boat, the ocean, and the weather fully captivates and takes you to entirely new places. At times, you even forget who you are and become one with the ocean and the wind.

Sailing requires 100% commitment, physical, mental, and perhaps even emotional.

I can tell you precisely why sailing is incredible:

  • Sailing is Ageless: Sailing is one of the few sporting activities, people of all ages can enjoy. Whether you a five or 75, sailing is most enjoyable and endless fun.
  • The Power of the Ocean and the Wind: When you are sailing, you are one-on-one with the ocean and the wind. You engage, you play, and you always ought to respect the mighty force of the elements. You underestimate the power of the ocean at your peril.
  • The Joy of Mastering New Skills: Sailing demands a variety of skills, easy to master when you put in sufficient practice. The satisfaction of acquiring the capability to sail a boat is undeniable.
  • Teamwork: On bigger boats, you’ll be collaborating with crew members and taking instructions from the skipper. The camaraderie is interesting and engaging.

Always Challenging – Never Boring: No sailing excursion is like another. The wind, weather, and ocean are constantly changing and allyou’ve got to do is enjoy the ride.

  • Exploring the World: Sailing in different locations around the world is one of the best ways to travel. You’ll get to stop off at fantastic locations, mingl
  • e with other sailors and locals, and get a real sense of places around the world.
  • Complete Workout: Sailing is a total workout for mind, body, and soul. You will feel better physically, mentally and even spiritually.
  • Make it Relaxing, Make it Competitive, Make it Thrilling: It’s entirely up to you to decide what kind of sailing experience you want to engage in. You can battle wild oceans, or gently cruise across smooth waters. You can compete with others or indeed find solitude and tranquillity during a solo sailing trip.

The Skills You’ll Learn

When you learn how to sail, you acquire a new set of skills including map reading, weather chart analysis, knot tying, taking orders and following

instructions, using a compass, managing a boat, and continuously adapting to changing conditions. The best way to learn is to volunteer as a crew member a


nd slowly take on the various jobs you are asked to do. Throughout the process, watch and learn from more experienced sailors. You’ll be surprised how rewarding and effective this hands-on learning process really is.

The Greatest Pastime

Those who’ve tried sailing will agree that sailing is undoubtedly the greatest, most engaging pastime. You’ll be jolted out of your comfort zone and return a happier person. The next time you see an advertisement for a sailing course, make sure to sign up!