Why You Should Visit Zanzibar Islands

Zanzibar is one of the beautiful islands in the Indian Ocean. It lies at the heart of the Swahili Coast, bordering mainland Tanzania. It’s a tropical dream destination because of its azure waters, white beaches, diverse flora and fauna, and rich cultural and historical perspective. Let’s start out this list of the many big reasons to visit Zanzibar islands.

A Great Beach Vacation

This idyllic island has warm tropical waters and peaceful beaches. The waters are clear, and the rich marine diversity is perfect for those who are looking to dive and snorkel.

Historical and Cultural Experiences of Stone Town

Zanzibar has a rich and vibrant history and heritage which can be seen in their apparent Indian, Arabic, European, and Persian influences. Your visit won’t be complete without exploring the alleys of the historic Stone Town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you can experience an alluring mix of diverse pieces of architecture that work in harmony to display a wonderful spectacle.

World Class Snorkel and Scuba Dive Reef Sites

The underwater marine realm of Zanzibar is irresistibly beautiful. You can swim and snorkel to explore the tropical fish among the coral. Many tourists enjoy their scuba diving experience in Zanzibar, or you may go water-skiing, kayaking and sailing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, or island hopping.

Diverse & Bespoke Island Tours

You get to decide how exactly you want to experience Zanzibar. You can customize your tour and make the most out of your trip. Aside from Stone Town, fishing and water excursions, underwater activities, spice farm, and the like, you can also go quad biking, take yoga classes, do private lessons, or pick any site you want to explore around the island.  Your journey is yours to cusomise!

Friendly locals and festivals

Zanzibar folks are known to be friendly, helpful, and welcoming. You can readily feel the island vibe amid Stone Town’s bustle, an easygoing slow-paced life, and a tour that’s safe and worry-free. Just be sure to respect the predominantly Muslim culture and dress appropriately. Also, avoid drinking alcohol in public places, as well as public displays of affection. Knowing the culture of the place first as well as the basic phrases in their language will ensure that your travels progress smoothly and hassle free.

Primate Experience at Jozani Forest

The 50-kilometer beauty of the Jozani Forest Reserve will astound you. Zanzibar, apart from its incredible beaches, also has a rich flora and fauna. Make your trip even more worthwhile by beholding the endangered red colobus monkeys, which are thankfully making their way back from the edge of extinction. Jozani Forest is home to over 2,500 mammalian species, and various endemic  plants and trees.

 Budget friendly and easy to explore on your own

In Zanzibar, you can feel the breeze of luxury on a budget you can afford. It’s also easy to tour around the place and familiarize yourself with the key spots. If you want to plan your trip with the travel experts, here’s a great option.

What are you waiting for? Write Zanzibar down on your travel bucket list and prepare for your next adventure. Expect to see great wonders and experience the real deal.

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