What You Should Not Forget During Your Next Sailing Trip

When preparing to set sail, it could be daunting to know what is absolutely necessary to bring on the trip. You don’t want to over pack, but you would rather not forget anything either. In this article, you will find a list of the essentials you will need and the ones you will want to have during the trip because they will be a help.

Wet Weather Gear

This is a no-brainer, particularly with the climate change and the fact that you cannot be guaranteed of bright sunshine through the trip. Ensure you bring along warm clothes but more than that, have wet weather gear because getting soaked while sailing will take the fun out of it. It will help if you have a waterproof backpack to protect your precious essentials from getting wet.

A Camping Tent

It is usually very appealing to head on land and set camp with friends so a tent will come in handy. A tent will be your home away from home while camping: dry, comfortable and definitely livable. However, instant tents are great because they are extremely easy to set up. These tents come in variable sizes that accommodate from one to 12 people, but usually, it is best to get one size larger than you currently need to make room for future needs. If you feel a group tent would be perfect for you, you can check out this Coleman 6 Person Tent Reviews and see whether it would be well suited for you.

Useful Items and Tools

There are several tools that you need to have like a handheld GPS to help with the navigating, a personal locator beacon and a collision mat in case of emergencies. A radar reflector will help as well, and of course, a sharp knife will go a long way. Fuel stabilizer will keep the oil in good condition while not in use and don’t forget your personal identification and insurance information.


If you consume any prescribed medication, whether it is for diabetes or for heart conditions, then you need to pack them and take an extra two weeks’ supply just in case you run into delays on the way. Note that some medicines may need additional care when it comes to their storage; insulin is one of them. Since they should be stored in a cool place — otherwise they may become less effective — you would need to make a purchase for a cooling insulin case from shops like Sugar Medical (you can buy pouches, bags, and cases for medical supplies for diabetes from them). Besides these, you should also bring a selection of over-the-counter medications like motion sickness drugs, antihistamines, and painkillers. Eye drops could ease saltwater pain and don’t forget ointments and basic supplies like bandages, sunblock, and wet wipes.

Food and Water

It is imperative that you bring enough food and water on your sailing trip and ensure you pack extra non-perishable foods and fresh water for everyone in case of delays. Consider the boats’ capacity for refrigeration and freezing to avoid gastrointestinal illnesses.

Leisure Items and Accessories

These are not necessary, but you will appreciate some entertainment on the trip. Most of these are based on preferences, but most people take fishing gear, snorkeling equipment, cameras, music players, books, and laptops with Wi-Fi. You need to have waterproof backpacks or boxes to keep all the electronic devices safe and dry.


There are other things that you can bring, but these are some of the things you should not forget, as they are essential. Sailing can be absolutely fun, and you will do a lot of things with your friends, but without some of these essentials, you might find yourself wishing to get home as soon as possible.

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