What to Do When You Are in Hawaii

Hawaii is a destination par excellence. Everything that you have seen before will pale in comparison with the striking natural beauty of this place. When I first went to Hawaii, I wanted to buy a home here and live forever. All I wanted to do was build a shack at the beach, earn money by playing QuickSpin slots. The most beautiful place in the world and the easiest way to earn money- this is nothing short of paradise.

If you are visiting Hawaii soon, check out some of the most beautiful places and activities in the archipelago.


This is my favorite activity in the islands. I am sure that half the people who visit these islands come here for snorkeling only. Snorkeling tours are available for the entire family. You hop on a sea vessel and witness the most beautiful marine life of this region. It will be a life changing experience to watch these marine animals in their natural habitat, just going around the daily business. You can see spinner dolphins, green Hawaiian sea turtle and several schools of native fish here.

Whale watching

If you are fascinated by the majestic creatures of the sea, then whale watching should be your favorite activity. In fact, Hawaii is one of the best places on earth to watch whales. Sometimes, these friendly giants come close to the vessels and give you a closer look at their massive physiques and friendly demeanors. The North Pacific Humpback whales can be seen best during this migration season of January till March.

Best Hawaiian Beaches

The most beautiful beaches in the North Pacific are in Hawaii. They have crystal clear Pacific waters that descend down straight from your fantasies and create one of the most beautiful sea spaces in the world. My favorite is the Hulopoe Beach but I also like to go to Lanikai Beach, Makena Big Beach and Hapuna Beach. They are fascinating, to say the least. You will want to see the sunset at these places.


Hawaii and surfing have become synonymous with each other over the years. The best surfers in the world come here to ride the rocking waves along with some beginners, waiting to learn some tips. Though the first written account of surfing in this area comes from 1779, the natives have been using wood planks to surf the waves since time immemorial. After centuries of evolution, surfing has now emerged as one of the most beloved and cherished activities in Hawaii. If you are planning a visit to this magnificent island, ensure that you come well-prepared with essential surfing gear (which can be conveniently bought from online shops like all-in-company), and enjoy the thrill of this remarkable water sport.

Don’t forget to see the spots that we have mentioned. Try out surfing for yourself and feel the thrill of the waves. Or just enjoy the view from the beach and take in the beauty of the Hawaiian islands. Either way, you won’t regret it.

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