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If you are interested in sailing, whether you are a keen sailor or you are interested in learning, you will need to know something about the boats themselves. Each one has different specifications and learning which one is best for you will be a long process. Here is a quick guide to the various types of sailing boat available for you to potentially purchase.


The term yacht can loosely be applied to many different boats but they are most often associated with luxury. If you are searching for sailing boats for sale, you may often find that many are described as one of the terms below and then the word yacht is used interchangeably with the word boat.

Yachts are usually about 33 feet in length but they can be over five times bigger than that. Modern yachts tend to be powered entirely by engines though smaller ones still have sails. Larger ones can often be hired for weekends or holidays and come with marine refrigeration installation done to store food and beverages and full staffing. All you need to do is sit back with your friends and family and relax.


A catamaran makes for a very distinctive boat. It is instantly recognisable in a harbour due to its two parallel hulls. Catamarans range from very light sport vessels to much larger ferries or ships. The lighter, open ones can travel extremely fast and are often used in races or record-breaking attempts for this reason.

If you have selected a catamaran as your choice of boat for pleasure, you will usually find several cabins and a galley split between the two hulls; very elegantly dividing the boat into two separate wings.


Think of a classic ship and you will no doubt think of billowing sails. Some knowledge of rigging is an absolute must for these as, unlike the other boats, they may not always come with engines and so you will be reliant on wind power.

If you are searching for the perfect way to get out on the seas as we did over one hundred years ago, a classic ship will always serve you well.


Cruisers tend to be a little smaller than yachts but still carry all the amenities that you would expect. There is a head, a galley, and some berths. Slightly larger models might even have a cabin with a double bed in the aft.

These boats are usually somewhere between 25 to 45 feet long and are very popular in the UK for both river cruising and general sailing on the open sea.


Modern keelboats are quite simple to define; they are any boat with a keel instead of the retractable centreboard or daggerboard. Fixed keels have a certain amount of natural drag so they are perfect for anyone who wants a more sedate sailing experience instead of racing. If you are looking for the perfect cruising ship for your holidays or for some time exploring, a keelboat might be exactly right for you.


A yawl is a two-masted boat where the main mast is noticeably taller and bigger than the aft mast. It was once very popular for commercial boats but now is enjoyed by many people all around the world as a pleasure boat.

Due to its smaller size and ease of handling, the yawl is frequently picked by those who wish to attempt solo-sailing.

These are just some of the most popular boat designs available for you to choose. Deciding which is right for you is likely to be a very personal journey. However, no matter what you choose, you are sure to fully enjoy your time spent exploring the seas on your magnificent new boat.