Things and clothes you should avoid when travelling by plane

Most of the greatest airlines make incredible offers for tickets and as a result, more and more people are traveling by plane. The most important thing is that everyone can have a long trip which used to be a day dream in the past.

There are some rules every traveler needs to follow in order to have an easy and hassle-free flight. But there are also unwritten rules when it comes to clothing. So, how will you be prepared for a flight?

Breathable clothing

It is recommended that you wear linen, cotton, loose clothing, or clothes that can be easily taken off such as letterman jackets. Airplanes can be both cold and dry or hot and stuffy, so having clothing that can adapt to any situation is important.

High uncomfortable shoes or socks

There is no reason to reach your destination with painful, swollen legs and feel unpleasant throughout the journey. You should know in general that the pressure in the air is bigger, so a pair of high heels will hurt you. You should wear your sports shoes or mountaineering boots. So you leave extra space in the suitcase and you will are feeling comfortable throughout the journey.

When we are on a plane for a lot of hours, there is always the fear of thrombosis or DVT. It’s a disease where blood clots are created in areas of poor blood circulation. The shoes and socks you wear can affect your chances of developing DVT.


Taking some accessories and jewels with you is obviously a very good idea, especially if there’s a wedding at the destination. But to wear them all on you during a flight is a big mistake. First they will set off the metal detector at security, and it will take a lot of time to process the jewlery than if you left it in your suitcase. You do not need to travel like you are going to attend to weddings in Bali, nobody except theives will be impressed on the plane. So just don’t wear them.


If you can avoid wearing a belt then do so. Again, it will save you a lot of time when you go through the metal detector machine. Some belts with metal or sharp edges can be considered security hazards as well, so be careful.

Clothes that you would not be comfortable in for hours

You will be seated for a long time in a chair with a belt around your waist and the last thing you need is to wear tight or fashionable clothes that won’t last the journey without constant adjustments. You just need to wear something that you can move freely in.


It is also advisable to avoid handbags with metallic details as they will make it harder for you and will add extra weight to your hands.

You only need to have a large bag of enough baggage as a handbag so that you can take with you things necessary for the journey. The bag is a good idea either to have wheels or to be hanged on your shoulder. If you suspect that you will overpay for your luggage, choose your hand luggage to be quite spacious. You should leave enough free space to be able to transfer things from one to another if necessary. Do not spend your money to buy brand name bags. The luggage does not receive special attention during transport so prefer a useful big bag with less money. Remember: Your suitcase should be very light in itself. Plastic cases, particularly hard are useless. Even though their weight is not limited, their capacity is limited.

Always remember: Be practical when you travel.

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