Everything You Need to Know Before You Make Your First Big Trip

Making a big trip – whether by air or by sail – is going to be daunting if you have never done one before. There is a lot of unknown factors out there, but by researching ahead of time and preparing properly, you can rise up to meet any challenge you face. Not doing this research can cost you a lot, both in time and money, so it is always best to go through this easy guide to help you get everything you need in order:

Whether Your Passport is Valid

When you don’t travel often or have not travelled before, then there are some things you just don’t think about. One of those being whether or not your passport (if you have one) is still valid. Older passports were only valid up to 5 years, whereas new ones today won’t expire for 10. If your passport needs renewing or you need to acquire one for the first time, you will need to check with your local country what you need to do. In the United States of America, for example, there is a fee you need to pay. Look up the details of what you need in advance, and always apply with enough time for your application to be processed and your passport returned to you.

Whether You Need a Visa to Enter the Country

Depending on which country you go to, you could need a visa to enter. If travelling by boat, however, you will need to go through port authorities to either show you have already been checked or to get checked for the first time. Know what you need to do before you travel.

What Vaccinations Are Recommended Before You Travel

Recommended vaccinations are not always mandatory but are recommended to get before you travel. Getting them can help you have a wonderful trip, instead of one in the hospital. Check with your doctor six months to a year before you travel, in case the vaccinations require multiple doses.

International Water Rules and Regulations

Even if you aren’t the one at the helm, it is always best to know the rules and regulations of international waters, and where exactly international water rules come into effect. If you are travelling to the Caribbean by boat, for example, you need to land at the first port and get your visa checked out and certified. The visas you get will often cover a few islands, but probably won’t apply to all of them. Know the rules before you travel to ensure you follow the law. When you are international waters, you are bound by the laws of your home country or, alternatively, the country the boat is registered to.

Emergency Contact Information

All countries have different emergency services numbers. Though you could try dialling the American emergency services 911, this doesn’t always get redirected. Knowing what the emergency services number is, as well as how to contact and how to get to your country’s embassy, can be huge lifesavers in case of emergencies.

How You Will Be Covered Medically

There are a variety of ways you can be covered for medical care. Whether you need to bring the European healthcare with you or get travel insurance, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you have coverage. You never want to risk paying for emergency healthcare out of pocket, especially in the United States of America where healthcare is not socialised.