A Life on the Ocean

You may have wondered why my ambition is to sail around the world. Well, I guess it’s the romantic aspect mixed with the challenge, plus the satisfaction of knowing I would be doing something genuinely exciting. You see, I’m a romantic when it comes to it; just ask Susan, my girlfriend!

I like to get value from my boat, so I take her out a lot, and that means less time with Susan. The thing is, she has a busy life – she’s a model, and travels all over – so we have to grab every available minute we can to spend together. That’s not easy when I’m out chasing the waves, and she’s in some country thousands of miles away.

A Long Time at Sea

Now, when it comes to setting off on my world voyage, I’m going to see less of Susan. Will I miss her? Of course I will, and when she’s not on board with me, I already do. She keeps me going when she’s around, makes me challenge myself more, and I think about her all the time when she’s not here.

I’m going to have a lot of time to think about her during those long days at sea, so I have to be prepared for that. It’s the one aspect of the trip I’m not looking forward to, and it has got me down at times.


Planning Ahead

Then I think about the wonderful challenge that lies ahead, and I fee revitalised! It’s the feeling I get every time I take to the sea, and it’s a thrill that you simply can’t describe. Sailing makes me alive, it gives me the inspiration to push myself to the limit. If it were the only thing in my life, I would not complain. But I would still miss Susan!

Preparing for the Trip

What am I doing to prepare for my round the world trip? I’m sailing as much as I can, and refining my skills along the way. There’s so much to learn when you man a boat such as mine, and a lot to think about all the time. Not a second can be wasted, and that’s the same whether you’re out on the ocean or just on a short trip.


Sailing vs. Flying

I’ll be honest: Susan prefers to fly. It’s more convenient for her, so I totally get that. Me, I find it uninspiring; there’s nothing to see, you don’t get the fully-immersed experience you do when you’re out on the ocean. If I was flying myself it might be different, but even then, you’re stuck inside, shielded from nature, and that doesn’t appeal to me. So, it’s sailing every time!

There’s so much to do and so little time to do it, so I’d better get down to business! A few jobs here and there, and then I think I’ll take her out on the water. Oh, and Susan’s back tomorrow for a few days, so you won’t hear much from me for a little while!

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