5 Underrated Fishing Accessories That Really Come in Handy

Whether you’re new to fishing or consider yourself a seasoned angler, the sheer abundance of fishing accessories like fishing knots or fishing reels on the market today can make you feel like you need to have it all. Aside from the obvious, such as a rod and reel, line, and live bait, it can be difficult to pinpoint which essentials you should keep in your tackle box. If you’re looking to fill out your fishing gear, we suggest this list of underrated fishing accessories you may not be considering – and don’t forget to check sites like Raise to see if there are any coupons or codes around that could save you some money on these purchases!

  1. A Good Pair of Fishing Gloves

We understand that some people prefer to be up close and personal with their fish – which often means going without gloves. However, a good pair of safety gloves (preferably from stores like unigloves) can provide you with a better grip, so your prize trout doesn’t make its way back into the water accidentally. Gloves can also protect you from getting finned and in some cases, getting hooked. There’s no reason to suffer the agony of a lost fish or the complications that can arise from fishing-related injuries.

Look for a pair of gloves that have enough flexibility to allow for a complete range of motion as well as a textured grip on the palms and fingertips.

  1. A Dedicated Pair of Reliable Fishing Pliers

When you need to remove a hook from the mouth of a new catch, the last thing you want to be without is your trusty set of needle nose pliers. However, these pliers are usually part of at-home tool kits, meaning they are often being transported from tool box to tackle box and vice versa. Don’t force your household tools into double duty. It’s time you found a dedicated set of fishing pliers to keep with you so that you’re always prepared.Look for a sturdy set of pliers with a narrowed tip that is ideal for removing hooks. Some sets fold for easier storage or include carabiners for hooking right onto your belt loops for easy access. Pro tip: if you fish in saltwater, you’ll need to get stainless steel to avoid rust on your pliers.

  1. A Castable Fish Finder

We’ve all had those days when the fish just aren’t biting. No matter what bait you’re using, it will do you no good if the fish aren’t there. We suggest a castable fish finder for those types of days. Wireless, sonar fish finders are light enough to attach right onto your existing line and allow you to find the fish you’re seeking. More advanced users can track the depths their preferred fish like to hide out in, and mark locations for future trips.Look for a light fish finder with wireless capability – some even work with an app on your phone. GPS and interactive capabilities are another plus.

  1. An Easy-carry Tackle Box

Once you have all the gear mentioned above, you need a reliable tackle box to carry it all in. Consider ditching your old, hard-sided tackle box for one with a carry strap. If you’re fishing on land, chances are you’ll be bringing a handful of gear with you. You might also need to relocate a few times to find the perfect spot to cast from. With all of this in mind, it’s best to have a tackle box with a carry strap so you can keep your hands free to carry other equipment.Look for a soft-sided box with plenty of compartments and an adjustable shoulder strap to free up your hands.

  1. A Great Pair of Fishing Shoes

After you’ve loaded up on gear and found a way to carry it, you need to make sure you’re comfortable. Whether you’re fishing waterside, dockside, or from a boat, you know that wet feet or bulky boots are often your only choices. But not anymore – a proper pair of fishing shoes can be a game changer and will wick away moisture as well as provide proper support for your longest days on the water.Look for a pair with breathable, fast-drying fabric and good support – no sense in keeping your feet dry if they’re hurting. You’ll also need a sturdy, non-slip sole that’s lightweight and allows you to have a light, sure step on any docks, piers, jetties, and rocky shorelines.

Now that you’re stocked up on your fishing essentials, you can hit the water with confidence. And who knows? Maybe your next catch will be a prize.