3 Ways to Keep Yourself From Drinking Too Much While On Vacation

While most people like to enjoy themselves by letting their hair down and relaxing with a few drinks while on vacation, those with a tendency to binge drink or who have a problem with alcohol addiction may not be able to control themselves in this type of situation. Additionally, even people who are normally conservative with their alcohol consumption can get a little more extreme when outside of their regular life. So to ensure that you’re safe and will actually remember your travels, here are three ways to keep yourself from drinking too much while on vacation.

Pick The Drink Or The Dessert

Vacations in and of themselves are usually pretty indulgent. So in the spirit of vacation, you may be more willing to consume things you otherwise might pass up, like drinks or desserts. To help you find balance here, Sharon Tanenbaum, a contributor to Everyday Health, suggests that you pick one or the other when faced with both options. For example, if you want to have that piece of chocolate cake tonight, pass up drinking until tomorrow. Not only will this help you to drink less, but it will also save you money and calories that you may not be willing to splurge on.

Set A Daily Limit

Because there are alcoholic drinks that can go with every meal throughout the day, you might be tempted to take advantage of your ability to order a drink with every meal you eat. But to keep you from constantly having a drink in your hand all day long, you may want to set a limit to how many drinks you’ll have each day. If you choose to have three drinks per day and you fill that quota by lunch, it’s time to cut yourself off and not have a cocktail with dinner. By doing this, Meredith Gordon, a contributor to Mom.me, shares that you can reduce your chances of alcohol poisoning  and just stay safer during your vacation.

Try The “1-2 Punch”

Another strategy you might want to try to limit or control the amount of alcohol you’re drinking is called the “1-2 Punch”. According to Kira Brekke, a contributor to the Huffington Post, this strategy means that for every alcoholic drink you have, you have two non-alcoholic drinks to follow it. When you choose this strategy, you can still drink as many cocktails or other alcoholic drinks as you want just so long as you break them up with two other non-alcoholic drinks. The idea behind this strategy is that you’ll pace yourself and fill up on more than just alcohol throughout the entire day.

If you’re wanting to keep better tabs on your drinking during your next vacation, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you do just that.

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