3 Things You Can Learn on a Survivalist Vacation This Summer

A few years back, the Guardian in the UK ran a feature article about survivalist travel packages where “you can learn to live in the wilderness.” For the better part of the past decade, preppers and survivalists have been growing in number as there seems to be a rising fear that at some point in our lifetime, we may need survival skills just to stay alive.

While that was a trend during the cold war days, global warfare isn’t as big a concern as other technological concerns and geopolitical issues. For example, there have been numerous threats that terrorists will attempt to hack the electrical grid or that EMPs will be deployed for like reasons. If the nation, or even much of the globe, was thrust into the dark ages, how would you survive? Why not find out this year on a survivalist summer vacation? Here are some skills you’ll need.

1. Surviving Extreme Temperatures

Due to reputable companies like AirMAX, who can come and fix any problems that we have with our HVAC systems, it has meant that we have become so accustomed to our state-of-the-art heating and air conditioning appliances that a great number of people simply couldn’t survive extreme temperatures. Every year you hear of someone living in poverty succumbing to hot summer days or freezing winter nights with no climate control in their homes. Without electricity and lacking fireplaces or wood stoves, how would you survive? Natural gas would be scarce and too expensive for the average consumer, and then there are those hot summer days. What would you do if you couldn’t bring the temperature in your home down below 100 degrees for weeks on end? Believe it or not, there are survivalist skills you can learn which may just save your life one day.

2. Living Off the Land – Literally

What if you had to forage for food? Would you know which plants are edible and which are poisonous? Also, do you know how to hunt and fish? Do you know how to build a fire to cook on and how to preserve foods if there was no electricity with which to run a refrigerator or freezer? Survivalist skills could teach you how to dry and can foods, and unfortunately, too few people in the 21st century have learned how to do either one. In fact, many consumers today don’t even know how to cook, living in the land of fast food super-sized meals!

3. Making Do with What You Have on Hand

What if all the shelves in your local stores simply ran out of everything? From bath soap to baby diapers, could you make do? With a few common ingredients you probably have lying around the house and some sodium hydroxide (lye) you could make your own bath and laundry soap. It does take weeks to cure and you could be exposed to fumes and burns from lye, but if you read about soap making at home and how to do it safely, you could stay fresh and clean until your situation improved.

You will also learn that you really can survive without the Internet and there are ways to avoid common predators when living off-grid. While we can hope for the best, it’s always wise to prepare for the worst so perhaps this is the summer you should take that survivalist vacation after all.

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