Worldwide Sailing: How to Make the Most of Your Time on

If you’ve chosen to take to the high seas on a seaborne adventure of a lifetime, traveling from country to country on water is a big part of the attraction of your trip. You’ll enjoy the solitude of being surrounded by a deep blue horizon and, occasionally, the thrill of being tossed about by high winds and treacherous seas. Still, you’re also going to want to make the most of your time on land as, after all, you’re going to have to dock for supplies occasionally. This article looks at how you can optimize your time in the harbor on your seaborne odyssey.

Delegate Duties 

It is highly unlikely you’re sailing solo, so before you hit the dock you should delegate responsibilities to your crew so that everyone knows what they have to achieve while on land. You’ll need to buy supplies, spares, repairs and any luxury items you’ve added to your list while still at sea. You may also need papers and visas, and you may want to head to internet cafes to manage your emails or your work duties.

Once you’ve docked, ensure that these duties are dealt with as soon as possible. The sooner the necessities are out of the way, the sooner you can enjoy the beauty of the place that you’ve docked. Get all the supply purchasing and other jobs completed so you can plan your excursions with glee and without stress.

Get Mobile 

If you’re able to plan ahead, organizing a car rental is certainly a smart idea so that you can maximize your time as a land-lubber. Contact International Car Rental companies before you hit land so that your vehicle is waiting for you at the harbor, with the keys and documents ready to exchange. Then you’ll be able to cruise around not just the city, but the country that you’ve found yourself in.

Tick off some of the main tourist destinations around you – both inside the city and outside of it. Take at least two to three days to experience what this new stretch of land has to offer you, and make sure that you’re not missing some of the cultural wonders of the place you happen to be – whether that’s in ancient ruins, modern cuisine, or exotic dance, music or theater performances.

Make Friends 

One of the most satisfying benefits of traveling the world is undoubtedly the people that you meet, the contacts that you make, and the friends that you cherish while visiting new countries. Take the time, if you have it, to appreciate and hang out with the people who you meet in each destination you stop at.

Some of the most useful and like-minded friends you’ll make will have their own boats and yachts in the harbor with you – and some will be on a similar trip to you, meaning that you’ll likely bump into them in the future. But don’t neglect to meet and chat with local people in bars, restaurants and cafes, too.

Spending a little time on land can be a welcome break from your seaborne voyage – so make the most of your time with the above three tips.