Why Visiting the Dead Sea is Good for Your Health

Israel is one of those countries which has its share of natural wonders and fantastic sights, and its history is an interesting one to boot. But one of the reasons why Israel continues to be a top travel destination is the Dead Sea. Of course, there are other reasons too. A lot of church groups actually visit Israel with the help of Immanuel-Tours, so some people could consider doing that. The Dead Sea is definitely one of the drawing factors though. You’ll certainly have a unique experience at the Dead Sea, since its salt level is much higher than any other body of water found on Earth. Many experts have touted the Dead Sea’s benefits, and you’ve got to see it to believe how beautiful it really is. But visiting the Dead Sea brings many health and beauty benefits as well. Here’s why a visit to the Dead Sea is good for your health.

Fast facts about the Dead Sea

The health benefits offered by the Dead Sea have been well-documented for years, even centuries. There are many factors which make the Dead Sea a famous spot for cures. The herbs which grow in and around it are endemic to the Dead Sea and have been used by locals since ancient times, and the mud found in the Dead Sea is also known for its healing and therapeutic properties, since it is full of minerals, and this mix of minerals and the fossils of algae have created one of the best mud baths in the world.

People who visit the Dead Sea will also be amazed at the fact that the air is filled with benefits as well. The area has high barometric pressure, and this, combined with a high level of oxygen and an atmosphere which is free from pollen, creates the perfect environment for those suffering from respiratory issues.

The saltiness of the Dead Sea: a fast healer

One of the most popular facts about the Dead Sea is its saltiness. This saltiness is amazing – compared to the standard saltiness of sea water, which is about 4%, the Dead Sea’s salinity level is 30%, which means that almost nothing can live in it. This high level of saltiness prevents plants and fish from growing – even living – in the Dead Sea, but the salt also means that the Dead Sea has a higher mineral composition compared to other seas. This higher mineral composition makes the Dead Sea a natural healer of wounds. People with cuts and scrapes can attest to the healing powers of the Dead Sea with its high salt and mineral levels.

The benefits of the Dead Sea minerals

As mentioned, the Dead Sea has a higher mineral content compared to other seas. The composition of minerals in the Dead Sea is as follows: calcium chloride (about 14%), potassium chloride (about 4%), magnesium chloride (about 50%) and sodium chloride (about 30%). These minerals have proven to work wonders on various skin conditions, such as psoriasis, acne, and eczema, and they have shown to lower stress levels and aid in detoxification as well.

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