Why I’m Going Back to Ibiza This Summer!

The summer has just begun and everybody who hasn’t planned their summer vacation is already regretting it. Well, not me – I’ve already got my vacation planned, as I’m staying at the same place I did last year!

It was my first time in Ibiza, having received advice from a friend that I should visit that Spanish island the next time I had the chance. So, after hearing about how amazing it was, I was convinced (I mean, almost convinced since I don’t believe it until I see it) and picked the date. It would be a lonely vacation, I thought, since I didn’t have anyone who could enjoy their vacation at the same time I did, so I booked tickets for one and a stay at the Grand Palladium Palace Ibiza Resort & Spa in Playa d’en Bossa. Well, I certainly did not feel lonely.

The Grand Palladium Palace Ibiza Resort and Spa: Hotel in Ibiza

As soon as my plane landed in Ibiza, I was taken aback by the beauty of the whole place. Ibiza is a small island in the Mediterranean, and the sea around it was so peaceful and blue, the sun shining bright. But the best was yet to come. I got a taxi to my hotel: The Grand Palladium Palace Ibiza Resort and Spa, recommended by the same friend.

I got inside and the hotel lounge just perspired elegance. I couldn’t wait to find my room, arriving from a flight to Madrid and a connection flight to the small airport in Ibiza. When it was my turn to check-in, I got my keys and ran to the elevator. Finding my room was easy, and once again I was surprised at how beautiful everything was. The wooden-carved bed was made exquisitely, with lovely white sheets and an elaborate bedspread covering it. I looked outside the window and once again I was marveled: I had a room with a sea view, the sea breeze touching my face and hair when I got outside on the balcony. I looked down to see a pool right next to the beach, and I promised myself I’d try it for a bit.

Well, I almost didn’t have time to try the pool (which I later learned was called Ovalada Pool) because I was too busy making use of all the fun activities that the Grand Palladium Palace Ibiza Resorts & Spa provided for me. I rented a Vespa and went for a quick trip around the island, stopping in my tracks only to try the amazing Mediterranean cuisine. I went diving – did anybody ever tell you how peaceful it is to dive? I absolutely recommend it. I even rented out a sports camera to take pictures underwater – I was amazed at that recommendation since I never thought you could even rent out a waterproof camera for your vacation.

On my last day, one of the hotel employees told me I absolutely had to visit S’Espalmador, I took his advice and got on a catamaran trip there. The island is so beautiful, it feels like a dream. We even had a biologist guide who talked about the amazing species that inhabit it. I took on the opportunity for more water sports and went paddle boarding. The catamaran trip included lunch and drinks during the whole journey, which was relaxing and luxurious. And those are the reasons why I’ve already got my next vacation planned. Ibiza and Playa d’en Bossa, wait for me!