Why I’d Choose Sea Travel over Air Travel, Any Day

This is another one of those posts which are extremely subjective in nature, in that it really depends on what situation you find yourself in and just exactly what the reason for your travels is. Be that as it may, I’d choose sea travel over air travel any day – or rather on most days. Again, it’s rather subjective because as far as it goes with my specific situation, I travel because I want to and not because I really have to be somewhere.

There definitely was a time when I had to dash across the globe in the quickest time I could manage though, so I know all about the smallest of details which are to be highlighted in my contrasting of air travel versus sea travel.


Okay, so I guess if you have the money then you can travel just about as comfortably as you want by air with what was typically known as first-class a few years ago now, but now most airlines are doing away with first class and replacing it with business class. It does indeed depend on the specific airline as to how private the luxury of business class would be, with some airlines making it a truly individual experience while others pretty much pair you with a fellow business class passenger.

Still, the comfort levels have indeed hit some great heights for those who can afford to pay about double what the typical economy class ticket costs, however no amount of comfort offered by air travel can match that of something like a private yacht – not even if you have your own private jet which is essentially like a flying mansion.

The type of comfort you enjoy on ocean expedition yachts or even on a much smaller boat can be likened to the comfort of home, in that you can go to sleep on a very comfortable bed one night and then wake up after having a great night’s sleep in a different time zone. The intermittent disturbances you’ll inevitably experience while otherwise flying at 30 000 feet are virtually non-existent if you’re enjoying travels which are more of a maritime nature, such as turbulence which prompts you to have to fasten your seat-belt and getting woken up by fellow passengers who are interacting with the cabin crew in request of all manner of things.

Not to mention having to claim flight compensation should you perhaps suffer the inconvenience of the many flight delays which are sometimes unavoidable.

Sea travel is not without its challenges though – in fact one could go as far as saying that it’s a lot more challenging than air travel, especially if you have to be the one who is in charge of everything as the captain.

So all in all I’d say if you do indeed need to get to your destination as quickly as possible, air travel is the way to go, otherwise if you essentially want to enjoy sleeping in a full-sized bed while changing the time zones at your own pace, the maritime beckons.

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