What are ex-pats and travelers around the world doing during the Covid-19 pandemic

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The previous year has been incredibly tough on basically everyone. We lost our freedom, jobs, and some have unfortunately even lost their lives. We’ve been in a constant state of worry brought by uncertainty. What will happen tomorrow? Will our loved ones and we be around to see it? When will we go back to normal, and will life ever be the same as before? These, and a lot more, are the questions we find ourselves asking constantly. Still, we keep on going forward. We have to. Over the years, people have evolved, changed, and adapted to situations they faced, and the Covid-19 crisis is no exception. Despite the difficulties, there is a lot ex-pats and travelers around the world are doing during the Covid-19 pandemic. They have continued their journeys all over the world. But what exactly have they been up to all long?

How are ex-pats and travelers across the globe dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic?

At the very start of the pandemic, many tourists found themselves stuck in countries like Thailand and Vietnam. They had no way out and the only option, at that moment, was to remain there. Nations around the world worked on extracting their residents and, after a couple of days, weeks, months, some people had a choice – a choice that was no less difficult. To leave or to stay?

While both options had their advantages, at the same time, they had many disadvantages. They were flawed, which only made the ultimate decision a bittersweet one.

If they left, they would risk contracting the virus and infecting their loved ones. Plus, they have grown so accustomed to being away from home that returning to it would feel strange. On the other hand, if they stayed, they’d be left all alone to fend for themselves. There would be no families holding their hands, supporting them, telling them it will be alright. No. That would all be gone.

Those who chose the second option had to accept that, to physically and mentally survive the new normal that was imposed on us, they had to make do. People who chose to stay certainly couldn’t control the situation, but they could control how they dealt with it.

Here, we’ll venture into the minds of those that decided to tackle the coronavirus outbreak in a foreign country to see what it is they’ve been up to since the pandemic started.

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Using the newly found free time for education

Jane is one of those ex-pats and travelers that have managed to make the most out of the unfortunate circumstance. Currently, she is based out of Portugal but is planning a return to traveling when restrictions are lifted. She hasn’t been as drastically hit by the lifestyle change, considering that she’s been working from her Lisbon apartment before Covid-19 has even become a thing. Perhaps that’s precisely why she had a somewhat easier time adjusting to the harsh reality of a lockdown.

Nonetheless, that’s not to say there weren’t times when she felt devastated. Being away from her elderly parents in the US and being afraid for their health took its toll, and there were moments during which she was bordering depression. Luckily, her husband was right there with her to guide her and provide solace. He suggested they use their free time to pick up new knowledge. Soon, they enrolled in an online course about the importance of practicing self-care, and before they knew it, they started implementing the learned. The new mindset helped them remain positive during one of the most challenging periods.

Additionally, they have also finally embraced the fact that they wouldn’t be going anywhere for a while and have, thus, decided to finally learn Portuguese.

Caption: The lockdown has given us much more free time. So, what are ex-pats and travelers around the world doing during the Covid-19 pandemic? Learning.

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Using the free time to pursue hobbies

Unlike Jane, Mary hasn’t had such a positive outlook on the whole coronavirus crisis. Her entire world crumbled, her plans were canceled, and she felt as if things would never be the same again. She was forced to stay in Australia, even though all she wanted to do was travel the whole of South-east Asia.

Over time she adapted to the new life in a country that she, at first, would never consider moving to permanently. She has even grown to like it! Since the pandemic hasn’t hit Australia as severely as the rest of the world, she even believes it could be a great relocation option nowadays. If you are reading this because moving abroad and becoming an ex-pat was your intention but the pandemic ruined your plans, this is some good news for you. That, and the fact that people have been relocating, even internationally, without problems. So, if you are still thinking about living abroad, perhaps you can consider Australia. Or stick to your initial plans and take the plunge.

But what has she been doing there all this time? Well, she’s decided to pursue her hobby! Her job as a travel photographer had to be put on pause, her savings have been draining fast, and she had to come up with a way to earn some money quickly! That’s when she realized she could take her talent for writing further! She decided to start a blog dedicated to ex-pats and travelers around the world during the Covid-19 pandemic. People liked the idea as much as she did, and a year later, she is in a much better place. Whenever she feels sad, she turns to her fellow adventurers for comfort, and, for a moment, it’s like Covid-19 never even existed!

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Helping less fortunate

The outbreak has made it near impossible for small businesses to operate, and transportation has suffered significant consequences. Steven felt the latter on his skin when, amid his work trip, the flights from the UK to the US were canceled. His whole family was in Denver, while he was all alone and scared in London.

But he didn’t let the situation get the best of him! He realized curling up in a hotel room and doing nothing while he waited for a way out wouldn’t do any good. Instead, he decided to help! Help those that desperately needed assistance – the disabled and elderly. He volunteered to take care of their groceries, bring them medicine, and even cook homemade meals for them. He sacrificed his health daily to ensure those at risk remained safe.

Steven isn’t the only one who has started assisting the ones in need. One of the things many ex-pats and travelers around the world are doing during the Covid-19 pandemic is volunteering. They do it not only to pass the time but to show kindness. To show that, although our world has changed from the ground up, we are still good people capable of caring, not only for ourselves but also for others. And isn’t that the whole point of life? To be humble, kind, humane. After all, we can only expect as much as we give. So why not give our all?