You are tired of planning all your itineraries and booking your hotel rooms and planning and whatnot. This time, all you want to do during your holidays is to relax and enjoy your free times in the most luxurious way possible. So you have been thinking about taking the plunge and book a cruise trip for your upcoming vacation. Just the thought of all the luxuries and comfort that you will get to experience while you sail the waters onboard your cruise ship is making you excited. But if you really want to take your vacation experience to the next level, we have a secret to share. Instead of a regular cruise, your vacation will be much more luxurious and memorable if you charter a luxury yacht. Here are the top ten reasons why you should opt for a yacht charter service for your next vacation.

1. Enjoy the freedom like never before

The level of freedom that you get to experience when you charter a private yacht instead of booking a normal cruise is simply unimaginable. With the whole boat dedicated to you and your family, you have complete control over every aspect of your ride. From deciding the menu to the destinations, where to go and how many days to stay, everything will be decided by you. This leads to a truly unmatched personalized experience which will surely make your vacation worth remembering.

2. Decide your own itinerary

When you go for a cruise vacation, it takes you to some pre-decided ports and how many days you get to spend at each place is decided by your cruise liner. So even if you like a place way too much, and want to spend a few nights more, you cannot do that. When you book a private yacht for yourself, that issue becomes non-existent. As you get the whole yacht for yourself, you will get to decide where to go during your vacation. So when you reach a port which you like, you can stay there for as many days as you want. There will be no fixed itinerary, so you will get to enjoy your vacation exactly the way you want it.

3. Travel to less explored places

The normal cruise ships take you to ports which are popular with tourists. Also, these huge behemoth of ships cannot go everywhere and reach hidden, tucked away beaches which many people do not know about. While spending your vacation on a chartered yacht, your travel won’t be limited to these mainstream ports and tourist attractions. Due to the small size of these yachts, you will get to visit off the beaten path destinations if you want. You can explore places which you wouldn’t ever be able to visit if you went on a normal cruise ride. They give you the ability to visit some of the most remote seaside locations in the world, so your vacation becomes truly unique and memorable.

4. You can spend your vacation away from the crowd

As the luxury cruise ships take you to some of the most well-known travel destinations, it is obvious that you have to spend your vacation amidst a lot of tourists. Starting from the cruise ships which are almost always sold out to the ports and the attractions, everywhere you will go will be packed with tourists, especially if you book your trip in the high season. Chartering a private yacht gives you the opportunity to avoid the crowd, even in the high season. The whole yacht is for you and your family and friends, so you can spend your time with your favourite people without being interrupted. Also, you can easily take your yacht to destinations which are located off the beaten path, to spend your days away from the crowd.

5. You will feel like you are in a hotel room

If you have ever been on a cruise, you will know that no matter how luxurious a cruise ship cabin is, it will always be a cruise ship cabin. They look nothing compared to the luxury hotel rooms that you spend your time in during a vacation. If you book a luxury yacht, you will feel like you are staying in a mobile hotel room. The rooms are much more spacious and comfortable than the normal cruise ship cabins, which means you will get to spend your vacation in a much more comfortable manner.

6. Your own mobile gourmet restaurant

The food onboard luxury cruises have always been something to look forward to. But the food experience when you book a luxury yacht for yourself is simply unbelievable. It’s almost like you have a moving gourmet restaurant with you. You will be accompanied by highly trained, professional chefs who will prepare dishes as per your liking. Starting from the dishes to the cuisine, everything will be prepared according to your choice and preference. You can also try your luck at fishing and enjoy some the most beautiful seafood prepared by your onboard chefs.

7. An un-paralleled level of service

The level of comfort and service that you experience when you charter a private yacht cannot even be compared with a cruise ship. Think about having a one to one ratio of service crew to the passengers. Seems unbelievable, isn’t it? Well, chartered yachts give you exactly that. You will be accompanied by a number of highly trained, skilled crew members and service persons, who will take care of you during your vacation. Each and every one of your need will be attended professionally and with utmost care so that you and your travel-mates can enjoy the time off in the most relaxing manner possible.

8. Value for money

Chartering a private yacht is not cheap, by any means. But when you think about the pros and cons of chartering a yacht, you will get to see that you are actually getting a lot more value for your money. No cruise line can give you the experience that you will get when you charter a yacht for yourself. The experience of sailing through the waters as you wish, going wherever you want to go, staying how many days you want to stay, having whatever you want to eat and spending time with your loved ones with the utmost privacy, you cannot really put a price on these.

9. Options for every budget

Nowadays chartering a yacht has become much easier than before. You can get a private yacht for yourself for as low as $10,000 per week, or you can spend over $750,000 per week to have the most luxurious experience. No matter what your budget is, you will surely find the perfect yacht for you to enjoy one of the most memorable vacations.

10. On your way to ownership

If buying a yacht of your own has always been one of your dreams, then chartering a private yacht will be surely the best thing you can do before you actually buy a yacht. This will help you understand exactly what are you looking for in your own yacht. You will also get to know all the ins and outs of sailing and yachts while you spend your time onboard your very own chartered yacht.

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