Tips For Preparing For Your Next Retreat

If you are like the majority of working adults, there comes a time where you not only need a break, you need a fresh perspective on life. You crave new knowledge or at least a refresher course on some old knowledge. Sometimes, in the chaos of life, what we know gets lost by the wayside.

A retreat can help us clean out the cobwebs, recharge our proverbial batteries, and make some lasting memories. With that said, just like anything else in life, there is a little preparation you should pay attention to. Below are some suggestions for doing just that.

Mental Preparation

How many times did you stay up late studying for a test you had to take the next morning? Did you ever make sure to show up early for practice the week before a big game? How about all those books you read on child rearing during the 9 months before your first child came into the world?

We like to be prepared. It’s safe to say there aren’t many of us that enjoy facing the challenges of life unprepared. You need to mentally prepare for a retreat? Yes! Depending on the type of retreat, the preparation will differ. If you intend on visiting a retreat meant to expand your knowledge on your job, make sure to take a day off from work before you go and get a good night’s sleep.

This will allow you to reset and leave you refreshed and more receptacle to learning. If you are rather going to plan a trip which is more about enjoying a relaxing retreat as the destination, take care of as many things as you can ahead of time so that you don’t spend your time worrying about things like leaving the stove on.


There is nothing like getting to your destination and finding yourself hundreds of miles away from the comfort of having all your necessities. Make sure to pack everything you need to feel at home in the new environment of your retreat.

Most retreats will offer a list of things that are commonly needed at their specific location and some things that visitors find useful. Pack all your medication, toiletries, extra clothes, and objects that will help you relax, even on a business retreat.

Don’t forget your favorite pillows and pjs and don’t freak out when you realize you have finally arrived and forgot that one thing. Every trip is plagued by that one thing that doesn’t seem to make it into the suitcase. It’s usually the notorious toothbrush.  

Securing The Homefront

Sometimes, in the excitement of having the privilege of escaping from reality for a few days, we forget one of the most important steps of preparation. You must secure the homefront. Make sure your doors and windows are locked and that your security system is on and in good working order.

If you have pets, have responsible friends or family members lined up to take care of their needs while you are gone. Turn the stove and all of the lights off and unplug all electronics. Also, preset your central heat or air to a money saving temperature that will still leave your home comfortable. It nevers hurts to have a trusted neighbor look out for your property, as well.

A retreat is an awesome opportunity to recuperate and grow. Taking care of all the preparation needed before you depart will insure that your trip is successful and a little more stress free.

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