Six Cruise Ship Tips for First-Timers

Are you thinking of going for a vacation abroad and have various sightseeing? Have you thought of cruise ship? If your answer is yes, your idea is superb! Cruise ship experience is wonderful and you’ll surely enjoy it. However, you need to plan very well before you settle on which type of cruise line you want to use. So if this will be your first time, it’s advisable you hire a travel agent that will guide you and note the following tips.

  1. Research well

Do a thorough research before you decide on which cruise you want to use. The following are some of the things to consider:

  • The ports that you want to visit.
  • The size of the cruise.
  • The activities you want to have in your cruise.
  • The availability of the Wi-Fi.

You can either do online research or make a call to enquire from different cruise lines.

  1. Book early

Book your cruise as early as six months or more before. This will give you a chance to choose the cabin that you prefer and also you won’t risk finding the cruise fully booked. Some cruise line may sometimes offer a discounted price to those who book early.

It’s advisable you take your trip during the off peak period to enjoy cheaper cruises. This is when there is no holiday and the schools are not closed.

  1. Book shore excursion

Park both light and warm outfits as you may experience different climate in different ports. You can pay your shore excursion in advance while booking your cruise else you book it at your destination with tour operators.

  1. Arrive at the port a day before.

If you’re driving or taking a flight to your port arrive a day earlier to avoid getting late due to traffic or flight cancellation. Ensure you have all the documentation required and the useful travelers APPS, see the list on Tourist 2 Traveler.

When it’s time to embark, avoid being among the first unless you don’t mind being on the queue for hours. You can always stay in a nearby restaurant sipping your coffee as you wait.

  1. Get a spar pass immediately

Once onboard pay for your spar services if you’ll need them. It is much cheaper when you get the spar pass rather than going to pay for each service you want. The pass are however not enough for everyone so the early you pay for it the better.

  1. Participate in any of the activities you like

There are a number of activities onboard for example; swimming, gym, basketball playground, training classes and many more. There is also lots of food. Ensure you do some exercises to avoid being overweight.

Dinner is usually served in the dining hall but room services are also available for free. So if you want to have your meal in your cabin, go ahead and request for it. Ask the cabin crew for anything you would want to know or to be done and they’re always ready to help you and make you enjoy your cruise ship.

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