How to Make Money While Travelling the World

There are few things in life which feel more liberating and free than taking time out of the dreariness of real life to travel the world, sailing from port to port, with the wind in your face and every day brimming with the excitement and possibilities of something completely new. Whether you’re exploring the historical capitals of Europe, the white sandy beaches of South East Asia, or the endlessly varied coastlines of the Americas, the thrill of limitless opportunities is the most powerful motivator there is. Whether you’re planning on sailing your way across the world and visiting dozens of places in quick succession, or setting up a base for a few weeks or month before moving onto the next adventure, one thing you’ll need, of course, is money. Travelling ain’t cheap, and while you by no means need to be a millionaire in order to spend your life seeing the world, you’ll probably need some form of income to keep you going.

One of the greatest myths that nomads are dismantling these days is the notion that you need to be in a fixed location in order to earn a decent income, and globetrotters across the planet are proving every day that any person can engage their wanderlust and get paid while doing it. There are no shortage of jobs out there which cater to every kind of traveller, so whether you spend your cash on frothy coffees in some Italian Piazza, scuba diving jaunts in the South Pacific, or the bustling street markets of the Middle East, here’s your guide to making money on the go.


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This seems like a pretty obvious place to start, given that you’re here on Sail the World. While for many, sailing is a vocation, hobby and lifelong passion, it’s also a great way to earn some serious money. You don’t need a lot of (or any) experience to earn a living on the high seas, as many recruitment agencies are in dire need of personnel all year round, and will happily take on and train up new recruits in time for the hectic summer season. While there’s work to found on smaller vessels for those with a little more experience, the easiest work you’ll find is on cruise ships and the big private yachts.

The yacht industry is going through something of a boom time right now, as the explosion of the global rich means that demand is hotter than ever before for adaptable, adventure-hungry seafarers who are willing to work hard to satisfy highly discerning clients. The work available on private yachts is pretty staggering in its variety; you can be an on-board chef, skipper, cleaner, bartender or just a personal assistant on hand to indulge the owner’s various whims. This kind of work isn’t for everyone, with long hours and often frustrating demands, but the pay is some of the best in the industry, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to have your room and board covered the entire time.

The best places to look for recruiters is the Greek islands and the floating party capitals of Ibiza, St. Tropez, Monaco and Malta, where there are legions of gleaming yachts needing to be staffed, often at very short notice. Once you’re a part of the crew, you’ll get to work alongside some of the richest people in the world, sailing to the most glamorous destinations around and when you’re not serving champagne and caviar, you can explore these exciting ports with your new friends. This is definitely a young person’s job, as it can often get pretty physically demanding, so make sure you’re in tip-top shape.

Be a Digital Nomad

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How many times have you seen those beaming blog posts from the new generation of “digital nomads”, happily proclaiming their ability to make a healthy living from any corner of the globe, armed simply with their laptop and a semi-decent internet signal? While these “influencers” are usually just selling their lifestyle to their often sizeable audiences, it’s absolutely true that you can make money on the go, as long as you have a computer. The beauty of freelancing is that there are usually no physical ties to it whatsoever, and a client based in Argentina might pop up asking for your help one day, while someone from Egypt might get in touch the next. Whether you’re a writer, musician, tutor, photographer or any kind of consultant, you can work on your projects from wherever you are in the world and expect to get paid handsomely for your time. All you need is to be able to highlight what you do best and flaunt it on the global marketplace, and with our world being more interconnected than ever before, doing so has never been easier.

You should also take advantage of your internet connection to be thrifty when travelling, making sure you’re having fun while keeping the spending as low as possible. Whether this means hitting up comparison sites to scope out offers and discounts on local museums and restaurants, or taking advantage of bonus sign-up offers across a wide range of sites, the internet is always your best path to saving money, as well as making it. When you’re spending long stretches at sea you’ll want to have fun on the cheap as well, so make sure to keep an eye out for good online bonuses, as even sites like Oddschecker list online casinos that offer big cash bonuses for newcomers. A little bit of research and savvy can see you saving serious dollar while you’re looking for entertainment on the go, which can be better spent on those precious plane tickets and street beers in whichever port you drop anchor in.


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One thing that’s pretty much a guarantee when you’re travelling the world is that you’ll be speaking a language that most of the locals do not. While this may at times seems like more of a burden than an asset, especially when you’re trying to communicate with a less-than-friendly border guard or attempting to decipher a McDonald’s menu in Russia, your language can also be the best money maker you have. Especially if you’re fluent in English, the demand for English language teachers, more commonly known as TEFL, is huge and is growing across the world, as English increasingly becomes the global language of business.

Take advantage of this wherever you are by scoping out opportunities for tutoring or teaching in local schools, where experience is often not even necessary, as most of the training is offered in-house. Many people even use language teaching as their primary vehicle for travelling, taking up long-term posts in far-flung countries, and moving on to the next job when they’re keen to explore new horizons. Teaching is a great way to get to know some locals, and a fun way to earn some money that is available in pretty much every country in the world. So don’t hesitate to don your teaching cap and get paid to impart your language wisdom!

Telling Your Story

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If you’re already on the go, chances are your life is probably more exciting and interesting than the average person’s. Don’t underestimate how big the audience is for real-life stories of people who decided to live the dream and see the world. Be a vlogger, and create some fun and beautiful videos of you living your best life, allowing people to get a glimpse of some of the places they’ve only ever read about, and chances are you’ll be able to make some handsome revenue by doing so, whether from advertisers or hosting sites.

The best way to stand out from the crowd and lure in those viewers and clicks is to bring a unique angle to your story, so highlight your original qualities and weave it into your travel journey, whether it’s to do with your hobbies, lifestyle or even your travelling squad, if they make a pretty unique bunch. Telling your story is one of the most fun ways to get paid while travelling the world, and you get to have your adventures recorded for the rest of time.

If you have any tips on making money while travelling the world, comment below to let us know!

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