High Energy Low Fuss – Cooking at Sea

People often ask me what I eat when I’m at sea, and imagine it’s all seafood! I love a seafood risotto, it’s a delicious meal, but I like to keep things simple when I’m sailing. The thing is, you need to keep your energy levels up as there’s a lot of action involved, so I choose stuff that is easy to prepare and cook, and that provides me with the energy I need. Fortunately, cooking is another love of mine, so I combine it with sailing for total enjoyment.

Rice Dishes

I never set sail without brown rice; it’s essential food for me! It’s very rich in manganese, and that’s the stuff that helps produce energy in many foods. I have it as a side dish, or make a risotto with it, and it never lets me down! Rice is so easy to cook, too, and with limited space its perfect.

Bananas, Apples and Oranges

The banana is a sailor’s favourite fruit; delicious, ready to eat and rich in energy-giving minerals, it’s something I take with me every trip. The only problem is they are difficult to keep, so they tend to get eaten very quickly!

Apples are high in energy content and oranges in vitamin C, so I make sure I have plenty of fruit aboard when I’m on the sea.

Fish and Seafood

Now, I do like to fish from the boat, and often cast a line to see what I can catch for tea. Depending on where you are, there is plenty of variety in fresh fish in the oceans and seas, so I’ll try and get a nice one for later, especially when I’m cooking for Susan – she loves fish!




The Venerable Egg

Is there any food you can cook in so many different ways? Eggs are always part of my food stock when I sail, as they contain massive amounts of protein – important for energy gain. I like them boiled and served with a plate of brown rice, or scrambled for breakfast. It doesn’t get much better than eggs!

Chicken Dishes

Another food I like to cook with brown rice is chicken. It’s been a favourite of mine since I was very young, and I can’t get enough of it. It’s easy to cook, delicious to eat, and can be served in many different ways. Try it with rice, you’ll find it’s great energy food too!

Of course, for my round the world trip I won’t be able to carry supplies for the whole journey, so will be stopping to buy in many different places. This is part of the joy of sailing: trying and experiencing different cuisine from various places, it’s part of the thrill of the whole thing.

All this writing about food is making me hungry! Let’s see what I have on board today, and I’ll knock up a meal that will leave me ready to take on the ocean – that’s what life is all about!


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