Exploring the Mind of a Millionaire

Okay, so perhaps the fact that I arrive on my own sailboat sort of gives the game away, but for quite some time now I apparently haven’t fitted the typical mould of what many would refer to as a wealthy individual. That’s because I’m really not into living any sort of flashy lifestyle – I genuinely have a passion for the maritime and besides, the upkeep of a sailboat perhaps makes for the best help one can get to spend their money, no matter how much of it they have.

Apparently I still look a bit too young to even be a boat-owner and to be honest I sometimes delight in playing along with the assumption that my rich dad has lent me his sailboat on which I sail all around the world with my model girlfriend. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

Consequently I get to rub shoulders with many other wealthy individuals, some of whom are wealthy beyond measure, so this gives me the often inadvertent but great opportunity to pick their brains about the game we’re all forced to play and the game at which some of us in this world are doing better at than others. There are quite a few commonalities among millionaires I’ve picked up along the way and to be quite honest when I compare those common characters with my own characters, it’s only really my boyish appearance which sets me apart.

So what goes on in the mind of a millionaire?

Channelled obsession

Millionaires are often driven by some sort of obsessive behaviour which they’ve channelled into something which helps them accumulate wealth, so the obsession may very well be an unhealthy one, but at least it’s one which is constructive to their bank account.

Refined wealth-accumulation habits

Obsession which is channelled into something breeds a certain refinement in how one goes about their daily activities, something which millionaires have aligned to what otherwise seem like simple tasks. Think about it by taking a simple daily task into account. Every time you shave for example, you’re spending money in some or other way, whether through the battery power the shaver uses or through the gradual wearing of the razor-blade which will eventually need replacing.

The millionaire entrepreneur who sells shavers on the other hand makes money every time you and everyone else shave!

A desire to be ‘normal’

Just like the average person probably does, the typical millionaire who perhaps doesn’t need a single cent more added to their steadily-growing net worth will probably be checking lotto results tonight as well. These types of Average-Joe practices are perhaps a bit quirky to say the least in that millionaires who harbour this constant, burning desire to be normal and engage in normal activities don’t seem to know just how to be normal.

The habits which they develop as a result of this desire are perhaps an extension of the sub-topic preceding this one – that of having developed refined wealth-accumulation habits. So as much as a millionaire might appear to be engaging in normal, everyday things, they can’t help but gravitate towards those normal, everyday things which inherently come with an opportunity to further add to their existing wealth.

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