Everything You Wanted to Know about Cruise Ship Cabins

Some of the most beautiful moments of my life are spent on a cruise ship, soaking the sun rays and sipping a bubbly while playing the Top NYX Slots. It is such an amazing feeling to be able to enjoy the niceties of life while earning money by playing slots online.

As cruises are an important part of my life, I choose my cruise ships and cruise lines very carefully. I want to get the best experience and also the best rooms. If you are confused about which cabins to choose, take my advice.

The four types of cabins

Any cruise ship has only four types of cabins- inside, outside, balcony and suite. The inside cabins are always the cheapest and the smallest as well. There is no window to see outside as they are located on the inside of the ship. The outside cabins are usually the size of the inside cabin (slightly larger in some cases) and have a round window which allows you to look outside. They are also known as Oceanview cabins.

The balcony rooms could be slightly larger and come with your own personal verandah. You can move outside and enjoy the sea. There is no need to go to the public deck to do so. Finally, there is the suite. It is the biggest and most expensive room of them all. The cabin is usually large and comes with a living area and a sleeping area. Perks and amenities vary according to cruise lines.

Views that are worth the money

You can select a room depending on your budget, the kind of amenities you are looking for and the type of service you demand. On smaller cruises, I don’t mind taking the inside cabins. There are some prized areas in the sea that people pay a lot for.

There areas are the forward and aft-facing balconies. The aft-facing balconies are one of the most expensive and sought-after. Looking out of these rooms, you will feel like you are leaving the end of the world at the end of a fantasy movie. These are located at the back of the ship. These balconies are usually 50 percent bigger than the rest.

Though their protruding design may make passengers on the public decks get a view, they are often a good place for people who don’t like to indulge in too many activities on the ship. The front facing balconies belong solely to suites. If your ship is older, check out the promenade cabins as well.

Choose your cabin wisely and make sure that you get more stability in the ship, especially if you are sea sick.

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