Cruise Line Secrets That No One Tells You About

Every cruise line has a secret and most people are unaware that they are not breaking a rule by taking food outside of the restaurant or ordering a customized entrée. As a lifelong cruiser, let me tell you some secrets that casual sailors don’t know.

You can order an appetizer sized entrée

Many entrées in the cruise ship’s menu are exotic and most people are unaware if they will like a particular food or not. You can ask the wait staff for an appetizer sized entrée and they will not refuse to do so. Also, you don’t have to be limited to one appetizer, one entrée and one dessert at the main dining room. Customize the order or the quantity of these items. It isn’t considered rude.

You can carry your own casino

Many ships host a casino of their own, which means that you will have plenty of chances to try your luck in slot machines and roulettes. However, you don’t have to remain stuck with the options. I play Red Tiger Slots all the time on my phone. Just because a ship has a casino doesn’t mean you have to use it. Focus on better slots available online that can sometimes double your chances of winning.

No Open Beverage rules

You can carry your beverages and even food anywhere you want in the ship, even to your room. There are no ‘open beverage’ rules onboard. Some cruise lines don’t have a problem with passengers bringing their own drinks, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic onboard and won’t even charge extra for it. In fact, if you don’t like soda or are appalled by the high prices charged for it, just opt for iced tea. Many cruise ships provide them for no extra charge.

Complimentary snacks

While specialty snacks like chef’s special pastries are not available complimentary, some sandwiches and cookies or even pastries are. If you haven’t been served a snack with your coffee, tea or even drinks, just ask the staff if they provide anything complimentary with it. They will most likely ask you what you would like along with the beverage from a range of options.

Bring a charging strip

Most cruise lines do not have adequate solutions for charging several electronic devices at once. Bring your own power station or a charging strip on board.

These were a few secrets that people won’t tell you about cruising. Keep them in mind and have a happy journey.

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