Complete Guide to Buying Boat Trolling Motors for Marine Use

When individuals search for electric boat motors, they are normally searching for a boat trolling motor. But do you actually know what is it, what goes into the best trolling motor, and things to consider while buying the most powerful trolling motor for marine use? 

What’s an Electric Boat Trolling Motor?

A trolling motor is intended to thrust a vessel at around five miles every hour. These are commonly not basic motors like detachable ones which are highly advanced and gas-controlled.

Boat trolling motors are regularly utilized by fishermen which is the place the name originates from. For example, similar to trolling a fishing bait, yet these motors are equally valuable as an optional motor for moving a bigger specialty at moderate speeds in tight places.

Electric boat motors are accessible in three fundamental designs, transom mount, that is the back of the watercraft; bow mounted, that is the front and motor mounted. Motor mounted electric motors are ordinarily used where there is a current detachable motor and the boatowner needs a smaller motor for angling.

These are ending up more popular among mariners of all types as the worries with respect to nature are also developing. Numerous lakes and streams presently have fuel limitations which imply you can thrust your vessel or sail it. Electric boat motors, on the other hand, enable you to have some power without compromising the performance or output.

Things to Look For in a Trolling Motor for Marine Use

The primary thought is the place you are going to put it. In case your transom is now full, a bow mounted motor is the right alternative for you. If you own an outboard motor, at that point, you might need to purchase a motor mount as they can use existing control device and look cleaner.

The following thing to choose is how much power do you need from your motor? Trolling motors are widely promoted based on thrust, this is the power in pounds that the motor will convey.

How much thrust you require is dictated by the measure of your boat. A bigger boat will require more power to move it. By accurately estimating the electric vessel motor, you will guarantee it can do what you need it to without stressing it or draining the battery control unduly.

Most producers sites or writing will give their suggestions for your specific pontoon yet an unpleasant standard guideline is one pound of thrust for every forty pounds of burden.

Minn Kota is the most popular trolling motor brands and when you hear fishermen discussing motors, you can trust the name will come up. Minn Kota produces electric trolling motors for an assortment of utilization and has saltwater and freshwater models just as a motor mounted and essential drive motors. From Minn Kota Riptide SF 112 to Minn Kota Wireless Trolling Motor – you have so many options of Minn Kota trolling motors available for sale on discount online!

Not only Minn Kota but also Rhodan is another popular choice when it comes to top rated trolling motors. You can choose from Rhodan trolling motor 36v to Rhodan 84″ trolling motor, the options are many!

But how would you decide which model and brand of trolling motor to purchase for marine use when you have such an extensive collection of brands, size, types, etc to choose between. Whether you’re searching a trolling motor for a kayak or a 20 ft game fishing vessel, purchasing the correct trolling motor can be entirely overwhelming, especially when you have not bought any ever before.

The present-day motors are anything but difficult to install on practically a wide range of boats. So the main decision you need to make is which trolling motor would be the best fit for your individual sculling needs.

Here, we will discuss the five main pointers you need to consider when you are planning to buy a boat trolling motor for marine use. Let’s take a look:

5 Pointers to Consider While Buying a Boat Trolling Motor

Your Environment

First of all, decide where you will you end up utilizing it the most – in salt water or fresh water. You can’t utilize a new water motor in salt water. If you live close to the coast, you should invest your money in a salt water boat trolling motor. The benefit is you can also use it in freshwater lakes and waterways when fishing inland.

The saltwater motors are more damage-safe as a result of the harsher condition they work in; however, they do cost comparatively more.

Mount Type

The size and kind of boat you have will help you choose if it’s a transom or bow mount trolling motor you truly need. Generally, with little specialty under 14 foot, a motor fixed to the transom functions well. For larger watercrafts or predominant mobility, a bow mount is installed, yet it must have space in advance where you can fix a lodging section.


The expression “pounds of thrust” portrays generally how much power is required to move your watercraft through the water. Without the perfect measure of thrust, your watercraft will go no place in unpleasant or weedy conditions. Because such a large number of components can impact your vessel’s performance and safety, the standard guideline is to get the best boat trolling motor that may appear to be to some degree overwhelmed for your boat.

The drawback of a bigger motor is that you will require more batteries so a 12-volt model is the least expensive to purchase. Anyway, it doesn’t have the perseverance and thrust that a 24 volt or 36-volt framework will give. Normally a high thrust 12-volt trolling motors for under 18 feet is sufficient. You can find some of the best 24 volt trolling motors for sale at your local marine store or online.

Shaft Length

In case your pole is too short, the propeller may not get enough nibble in the water. If it’s too long, it could be an issue in shallow zones by winding up in a negative situation. More factors that should impact your choice will be shaft shape, bow or stern stature and what number of individuals would fish from the same vessel.

Sorts Of Control

These trolling motors are either hand or foot controlled. For a bow mount motor, controlling with a foot control is the best and smartest strategy. You can likewise control your watercraft electronically utilizing cool highlights like autopilot, co-pilot, and GPS pilot that have become immensely popular these days.

Trolling motors are utilized by genuine anglers helping them to get into typically out of problem areas or by recreational boaters who are keen on keeping their flawless conduits, contamination free.