Choosing the smartest travel option

You might have noticed that I live and breathe sailing. Spending time on the ocean waves is what I live for, and that’s why sailing will always be my first choice. I like nothing better than setting out on some long-distance adventures, because I know that one day I will achieve my round-the-world sailing dreams. It’s the best, and most exhilarating mode of transport you could ever imagine!

What’s not to like about sailing?

Most of the time, I concentrate on the positives. In all my other posts, you can see the fabulous experiences that I have enjoyed in far-flung corners of the world. To make that all possible, however, there are some tasks that aren’t quite so enjoyable. One of these is the need to do some research. Heading out to investigate new destinations is an essential part of my preparation. Unfortunately for me, sailing there is often not a viable option. It takes too long, and it isn’t necessarily the most valuable use of my time.

When sailing just isn’t the smartest way to travel

So, what’s the solution for country-hoppers like myself who are keen to check out a key location right away? It may seem counter-intuitive, but air travel is sometimes a much smarter option. Are you struggling to fit in all your sailing as well as vital research into waypoints and new destinations? That’s exactly why international airlines were invented! Booking a quick trip by air is so quick and easy using online agencies. You can click here to find your flight with eDreams for example, and soon you will be on your way. It’s faster, more restful, and a whole lot more convenient than sailing to these distant places.
What’s more, with air travel, you have the option of looking for a private (or chartered) plane that could help you avoid all the hassles involved with commercial airlines. Private planes also tend to have access to more airports, which means that you can even get to the most remote destinations without having to worry about your mode of transport. Instead of building your sailing schedule based on the flight’s timings, you now have an option to choose when to travel according to your convenience. Also, with the Internet at your fingertips, you can easily find and book chartered planes for yourself on websites like

Fly now, sail later, and save yourself some valuable time

Usually, I am super busy, and so it can be hard to squeeze enough preparation time into my schedule. There’s nothing worse than that feeling of being under pressure to meet my next self-imposed deadline. Using air travel for some of my journeys is one strategy I use to make time for sailing. It enables me to put the hours in to ensure that I am still on top of my game. If I save time on the journey, I will have more time left for research once I get there. And of course, the quicker the flight, the sooner I can get back and continue with my longer-term plans.

Look after your body and your mind

Another issue for me is the amount of stress that sailing sometimes brings. It can be hard on your body, because of the demands it makes on tired muscles. Often you won’t be able to get much sleep, which your body needs as recovery time. And of course, your mind needs to rest as well. Taking some time out to relax is the best way to keep body and mind in peak condition.

Anyone for a beer?

I am not a big fan of alcohol, and especially not in combination with sailing. I need my wits about me when I am on a boat, and so I avoid drinking when I am in long-distance sailing mode. On the other hand, I do find that mixing with like-minded sportsmen and women is a great mood enhancer. So, flying out to research one of the world’s great harbours, and sampling the beer with local sailors can be a great way to gather information for future trips. You never know when you might need a friend in far places!

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