5 Reasons To Use Public Transportation

You may love to travel, but until you experience traveling without the burden of having to be behind the wheel, you’ve not had the most optimal journey. Traveling in and out of big cities for tourism is a billion dollar industry, but leave your car at the hotel.

When you get the opportunity to explore a new city, use public transportation to get around town. Here are a few excellent reasons you should use public transportation, so you have no worries exploring a new horizon.

Public transportation isn’t what it used to be

Utilizing public transportation used to contribute quite a lot of pollution to the atmosphere, and it used to be super uncomfortable. Modern public transportation is much more accommodating that it was just a decade ago.

There’s air conditioning, comfortable seating, internet access, and you can usually find a power outlet. You’ll have all the things you need and fewer worries by choosing to take the train/bus. It can also put people’s minds at ease to know that drivers are vetted and put through a recruitment process with companies like Tenstreet so that companies can choose reputable drivers for their fleets.

You’ll have time to enjoy your experience

Visiting a big city means you’ll probably experience big traffic, should you choose to drive. Skip the frustration and congestion by utilizing public transportation for exploration.

Driving is also more dangerous than taking public transit. Accidents in big city environments are common. Bus, train, and other public transit drivers have much more in-depth training than your average automobile operator.

With hundreds of hours behind the wheel, you can trust the competency of the majority of public transit drivers.

Public transit is a social experience

Riding the bus or the train in a big city grants you a unique social opportunity. When masses of people are all in one spot, there’s a high chance you’ll interact. You will meet a rainbow of personalities, and have conversations you never thought you’d have with strangers.

Don’t cheat yourself out of the experience of people. Invest time and a little research in the best public transit routes for your exploration, and get ready for instant relief from boredom.

You will save money by taking public transportation

Parking rates in the city (no matter what big city you consider) are outrageous. You’ll spend more on parking than you do on souvenirs if you’re not careful. Taking public transit will cost you a flat fee for the time you’re visiting, and it won’t be much.

You’ll get more exercise by taking the bus

Choosing to take the route of public transportation will also be a healthier choice. Walking from connection to connection gives you the chance to a little light cardio, and don’t pass on the chance to walk in the city. You’ll see plenty of interesting, engaging, and even amusing things along the way.