4 Tips For Not Ruining Your Diet On Vacation

Vacations are for unwinding and rejuvenating your body and mind.  It’s a time to enjoy yourself without having to worry about your to-do’s or worries back at home.  However, it’s important that even though you’re there to enjoy yourself, you don’t throw off everything that you’ve worked so hard to achieve back at home.  That’s right; we’re talking about your eating habits.

If you’ve recently experienced a considerable amount of weight loss, you probably want to maintain the progress you’ve made so far.  That’s not to say that you should have to eat carrot sticks and lean chicken the entire time you’re on your trip, but you shouldn’t eat plates of lard for every meal either.  The goal is to find a healthy balance so that you enjoy yourself while also feeling proud about your choices.

Here are some of the best ways to stay true to your diet even on vacation.

Ease Up On The Cocktails

We get it; vacations are all about having a drink or two and letting loose.  However, there are some drinks which are less calorie-packed than others. Try to opt for drinks which have sparkling water as a mixer, or no mixer at all.  A few juice based cocktails will easily cost you about 300 to as many as 500 calories a glass depending on what you’re drinking, whereas one shot of vodka is about 100 calories.  The math is simple when you look at it like that.

You should also consider taking a break from drinking for a few days during your trip.  Getting drunk not only encourages you to eat more, but it can also lead to dangerous situations.  


Have whatever you want on the menu, but don’t eat the whole plate!  The key to maintaining the diet you’ve worked so hard on is enjoying yourself without overindulging.

Try to live by the rule, “Have one instead of two” and try not to snack between meals.   You’ll find that you’re still satisfied without feeling full and bloated.

Walk Walk Walk!

One of the best tricks for canceling out extra calories is to burn them off.  You probably don’t feel like waking up and going to the gym every day of your trip, so walking makes a great substitute.

Instead of grabbing a cab or renting a car, why not make a pact with yourself to walk everywhere that you need to go during your trip?  Walking for just one hour can burn as many as 500 calories!

Have a Cheat Day

Choose at least one day on your trip that you allow yourself to have as much as you want of whatever you want.  You’ll feel less deprived and more likely to get back home and hop back on the healthy wagon you were on before leaving.