4 Ideas for Your Next Sailing Trip

Does it seem like you’ve “been there, done that” when it comes to sailing? Fortunately, the range of pastimes and activities you can do while on your next sailing trip is nearly endless. From seeing historical sites to trying out the local cuisine, the possibilities are almost infinite. 

If you’re taking a trip on a cruise ship, you may already have designated stops and pre-prepared activities. What happens if you’re sailing on your own? The upside is you’ll have free reign over your schedule, so you can create your very own itinerary and memories to last a lifetime. Here are four ideas for your next sailing trip so you can get the most out of your vacation.

Sports games

Whether you’re shoring up in LA or sailing the length of the Mississippi, the chances are there’s a sports venue or stadium nearby. It’s always a good idea to buy sports tickets in advance so you can get the best prices and not have to worry about finding tickets when you get to your destination. Sports are, of course, incredibly varied: choose from NHL games, NFL, tennis matches or even local college football games. It all depends on your personal preferences  – and the people you’re traveling with.

Historical sites

When it comes to sailing trips, it’s always best to stick to harbor cities and river states such as Missouri or Boston. The latter in particular is rich in history – and with history comes amazing historical sites. It’s one of the oldest cities in America with impressive attractions such as the Old State House, Abiel Smith School, and the Boston Fire Museum. If musical history is more your preference then sailing the Cumberland River to Nashville could be the trip of a lifetime – it’s even known as ‘Music City!’

Indulge in arts and culture

Arts and culture spans an array of different activities – and there really is something for everyone. If you’re planning to sail down the Hudson River, treat yourself to a musical on Broadway in New York. The city is well-connected thanks to the subway and bus network, so it’s easy to drop anchor and use public transport to get around. Every city in America has an art gallery – or several! Embrace your artistic side and look around The Art Institute of Chicago or peruse the high-brow artworks in Washington’s National Gallery of Art.

Farmers’ markets

Not only is a farmers’ market a fun activity in itself, but it’s also a fantastic way to make sure you’re stocked up for your sailing trip. Cruise down the beautiful Willamette River in Oregon all the way down to Portland State University where there’s a farmer’s market every Saturday morning. Visitors will find a variety of delicious foods from all over the world. This includes free-range bison, breakfast burritos, organic raspberries and more. Or head to the popular Crescent City Farmers’ Market in New Orleans. Expect colorful citrus fruits, Creole cream cheese, and hand-crafted chocolates.

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